General Terms and Conditions

Listed below you’ll find the general terms and conditions of Tennis School Nicole Bain.

Application and Prices

  • Application through online application form.
  • The price includes the coach, balls, court rent, test rackets and further equipment.
  • Group classes are billed and to be payed in advance
  • Private classes will be billed monthly in line with the actual amount of classes received
  • The online application is a binding and is deemed as obliging the course participant or parent to pay for the course. Not paying the bill is not a accepted form of deregistration.

Inability to Attend and Deregistration

A deregistration always causes administrative effort. If you are unable to attend or want to deregistrate please contact us via Email or SMS. If participation is not possible the following rules apply:

  • Private lessons have to be cancelled 24h prior to the fixed date. Lesson being cancelled later will be charged fully.
  • If the Application is cancelled prior to season start, a contribution towards expenses of 20% will be billed. In case of deregistration after season start  there is no reduction the full amount is owed.
  • Absences as a result of accidents will be settled with credit notes for the next season’s training as long as a medical certificate is handed in.
  • For other absences and unattended trainings there is no compensation.

Summer-/Winterseason and Holidays

  • Summer season starts after the spring holidays and lasts until the autumn holidays.
  • Winter season starts after the autumn holidays and lasts until two weeks before the spring holidays as the air halls are being disassembled.
  • During the school holidays there are no classes.

Insurance/Place of Jurisdiction

Insurance is the participant’s own responsibility. Tennis School Nicole Bain does not bear liability in case of accident, property damage or theft. Place of Jurisdiction is the domicile of Tennis School Nicole Bain.


During camps, championships, trainings und tournaments we will take pictures for our website. Without receiving your feedback we expect your implicit consent for publication.


Tennisschool Nicole Bain
Nicole Bain
Frohburgstrasse 27
8832 Wollerau

Tel +41 76 388 43 22