Whether it is Mini, Kids, Juniors or Adults – at Tennis School Nicole Bain we prepare and provide guidance to players on their way towards personal goals regardless of level, be it professional or recreational.

The Tennis School Nicole Bain’s focus lies on a fundamental and comprehensive sports education of kids and adolescents. Our youngest players – so-called Minis –are introduced to Tennis through a playful approach. Our Kids we animate and inspire for tennis in its competitive form through first tournaments we organize. For Juniors already competing in tournaments we provide guidance point by point. For all other children, adolescents and adults playing for fun and having a rather recreational approach towards the sport, we provide a diverse and complete training with fun tournaments and great holiday camps.

Kidstraining (Age 4 – 7 )

At Tennis School Nicole Bain Minis and Kids receive age-appropriate basic training within the framework of Swiss Tennis Kids program.

Kids Training

Juniors Training (Age 8 – 14)

Tennis School Nicole Bain provides excellent training conditions for Juniors to train them according to their age and skill level, be it the further development of basic skills, intermediate training or competitive training.

Juniors Training


In our weeklong holiday camps (spring, summer, autumn) where everything revolves around the bright yellow ball, we combine fun and competition. Alongside tennis training we have daily fitness training and always a tournament organized amongst the participants. The camps are also open to kids and adolescents, who do no train at Tennis School Nicole Bain.


Intensive Training

In collaboration with Tennis School Ajit Aleksander we organize regular training workshops in Bludenz. We want to grant our players – in transitition from kids tennis towards more competitive tennis – to put their learned skills to use, test them as well as further develop and enhance them.

Intensive Training


Stringing Service

Tennis School Nicole Bain offers a professional stringing service.

Stringing Service


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