Juniors Interclub

In the Junior Interclub, the children gain their first experience in team competition according to their playing strength and step by step approach the Interclub of adults, the most popular mass sports event in Switzerland. Due to the team format, the children can have great experiences with friends, which promotes cohesion and enjoyment of the sport.

For the stronger and more experienced players we also offer the possibility to participate in one of our active adult teams.

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Results 2021

Seven junior teams and over 30 players from the Nicole Bain Tennis School took part in the Junior Interclub 2021. Three teams won the first place in the group matches. Four teams secured second place!

Click here for the results overview of the junior teams.

Last year we also fielded two active teams, which successfully managed to stay in the league:

Click here for the results overview of the active teams.

Congratulations to the great performances!


Impressions Junior’s Interclub