In groups of max. 4 players, juniors are trained according to their performance level. A training usually unit lats for 90 minutes with an integrated 30 minute fitness training. The training focuses on improving the player’s technique and tactics as well as on the development of their competitive potential.

Basic Training

Age: 8 years (U10) to 14 years
Preconditions: Being able to play controlled in full field
Desired Goal: Participation in Junior’s Interclub
Recommended training units: 2 – 3, groups of 4

For Juniors who enjoy playing tennis but do not participate in tournaments on a regular basis we offer a versatile training in groups of not more than four. The training focuses on improving basic techniques and gaining match experience. Where possible, we form U10, U12, U14 or active Interclub teams.


Intermediate Training

Age: From the age of 10 up (U12)
Preconditions: In control of all ground strokes
Desired goal: Partition in tournaments and  Interclub on a regular basis
Recommended training units: 3 – 4, groups of 4

Licensed players in control of all ground strokes  are trained in technique as well as tactics by replicating match situations. The players should be competing in tournaments regularly and participate an adequate Interclub League. 


Competitive Training

Age: recommended after the age of 10
Preconditions: Performance level R7 (Girls & Boys)
Goal: Improving performance in competitions
Training units: Alternating with trainings in groups of 4, 1 – 2 per week in groups of 2-3

In competitive trainings varying game situations are practiced to work on and improve precision and pace. This training is a supplement to group trainings.