Kids Tennis tournaments have been created so kids can measure up to others and start competing in a fun environment. The next tournaments (red, orange und green) organized by Tennis School Nicole Bain take place on:


    Saturday 2.3.2019 Red/Orange
    Sunday 3.3.2019 Green

    Saturday 30.3.2019 Red/Orange
    Sunday 31.3.2019 Green

    Saturday 18.5.2019 Red/Orange
    Sunday 19.5.2019 Green

    Saturday 15.6.2019 Red/Orange
    Sunday 16.6.2019 Green

    Saturday 6.7.2019 Red/Orange
    Sunday 7.7.2019 Green

Red and orange tournaments take place on saturdays. Green tournaments take place on sunday.


CHF 45.00 incl. 1 Plate of Spaghetti

Apply now!  Please state the size of the field (red, orange, green) and the date.



Small field/small net3/4 fieldEntire field
Red BallsOrange BallsGreen Balls
SIngles and DoublesGroups of four
3 x 20' Singles
3 x 20' Doubles
Groups of 4
3 x 30' Singles
3 x 30' Doubles
Duration : approx. 2 hDuration: approx. 3,5 hDuration: approx. 4,5 h

Supervision: There are tennis trainers that support and supervise the players with counting and in case of any other uncertainties.

Impressions of Kids tennis tournaments

Punkte statt Noten!

The Kids Tennis Programm is built on the four educational subsets:  «personal development», «learn how to move», «play tennis», und «learn how to play tennis». There are 30 steps, 10 per subset, that kids have to master to develop a good fundament for future competitive training.

Have a look at the program here.