Kids Training ( age 4 - 7)

The youngest amongst our students are introduced to tennis in a fun and playful manner. Our concept lines up with Swiss Tennis’ “Kids Tennis” concept. Its goal is to enthuse kids for tennis in its competitive form. Regular interaction and competition with others leads to motivated players which will stick with the sport. At Tennis School Nicole Bain we train the kids according to the idea of tennis as fun but also competitive sport. We motivate all players to join Kids Tennis Tournaments and organize them regularly.

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Kids Tennis Tournaments

The Three Levels

The training occurs on three levels. Smaller courts, softer balls and adapted rackets bring the possibilty for beginners to enjoy  real rallies  from a early age.

Swiss Tennis’ Kids Tennis High School Program

Kids Tennis - 3 Stufen
Stufe Rot - Kleinfeld

Level Red: Midfield

Mini’s and Kids play with red balls (less speed and pace) in a midfield from 4.88 to 6.1 m. It’s about gaining first experiences playing with other kids in a mix of tennis and poly-sport training.

Level Orange: Three-quarter-field

Kids play with orange balls (50% slower, less pace) in the three-quarter-field. Playing first matches with slower balls and in a slower field, kids are introduced to real tournament match experiences. They get to celebrate their first victories and learn the rules and customs of competitive tennis.

Stufe Orange - Dreiviertelfeld
Stufe Grün - Ganzes Feld

Level Green: Entire Field

The Kids play with green balls (20% slower, reduced pace) in the entire field. The tournaments influence the players rankings (only junior ranking). Step by step kids get acquainted with game and are prepared for their first competitions in regular tournaments.

Kids Tennis High School

Starting with the Kids Tennis High School is easy. You can find all the information on We are happy to advise you.