Enthusiasm, Passion and Spirit

I am pleased to welcome you to the Tennis School Nicole Bain. The focus of my work is to introduce children to tennis in a fun and enjoyable way and to teach them the rules and tricks of tennis through their first competitions and tournaments. However, Tennis School Bain Nicole as also become increasingly involved in the continuing coaching of competitive players and has built up a strong cadre of motivated young competitive players. Together with my experienced team of passionate tennis coaches, it is my personal concern to train your children holistically.

Nicole Bain

For our young talents, we maintain a close cross-national partnership with Alexander Ajit, who trained Austria’s young tennis talents for years. Together with my team, the young athletes thus receive versatile competition training. However, our commitment also includes providing training within the framework of Kids Tennis and also offering corresponding tournaments at the Lengg.

The whole team of the Tennis School Nicole Bain is looking forward to introduce your child to one of the most exciting sports, to accompany them and to bring them forward stroke by stroke, point by point.

Nicole Bain

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